What is the Research Engine?

What is the Research Engine?

Gann Global Financial Research Center

Our team of market analysts and history experts routinely studies over 6000 cumulative years of daily price data for all U.S. markets to keep in step with the historical context of every market. Considering the fact that the research must be completed before the many windows of opportunity close, it became clear we needed help with this vast amount of research.

So we developed a tool that has exponentially increased our ability to predict where a market is going, based on where it has come from and what it is doing in real time. With accuracy and speed, the Research EngineTM examines all 28 U.S. markets in the same amount of time it would take to cover 2 or 3 markets using conventional methods like W.D. Gann used.

Consider for a moment the world Gann lived in. He did not own a computer, not even a calculator. The mere task of updating his paper charts was so enormous that he hired 7 full-time secretaries to do the job.

Today, the Research Engine provides a more intimate understanding of each individual market than Gann could have ever imagined. In fact, advancements in technology have resulted in mind-numbing accuracy and speed that even Gann would marvel at.

Speed is critical because markets move very quickly, and the research needs to be finished before the markets open the next day. Due to increasing memory, speed and computing power, this is being accomplished for the 1st time ever with the Research Engine.

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