GGF Webinar: The Stock Market And Gold Stocks Are In The Throes Of Generational Price Moves...This Begs The Question...What Series Of Events Were Triggered The Last Time Such Moves Took Place?

The Stock Market And Gold Stocks Are In The Throes Of Generational Price Moves...This Begs The Question...What Series Of Events Were Triggered The Last Time Such Moves Took Place?


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From the time I started in the financial arena in 1978, my passion was to acquire a database in all of the financial and commodity markets back to the 1700s.  How else could one learn what the markets are capable of doing at crucial points in their bull and bear market cycles? 

In my estimation, the value of knowing the past becomes most essential when markets move to extremes of over and undervaluation.  This is when the markets provide the greatest opportunity for profit.  Based upon my observations, these set the stage for historic inflection points when the “law of action and reaction” comes to bear on price.

At present, the bull market in the S&P 500 off the March 2009 low ranks as the 4th greatest bull market in history based upon its 247% advance (406% basis the Nasdaq 100).  And it ranks as the 3rd greatest based upon its 7 year, 11-month duration.  WITHIN 1 MONTH, THE LENGTH OF OUR STOCK MARKET BULL WILL EQUAL THE “ROARING TWENTIES” BULL MARKET BETWEEN 1921-1929.  The key question which needs to be answered is, “What can we glean from history when bull markets of this magnitude have occurred in the past?”

The other side of the coin has been the precious metals stocks.  After undergoing the greatest bear market as far back as data is available (-84%), the market rocketed upwards by 188% into the Aug 2016 high in just 6 months.  This was followed by a 44%, 4-month decline into the Dec low.  We are witnessing the greatest price moves and volatility in gold stocks as far back as 1879.  Is the stage being set for another triple digit leg up?

In this free 1-hour webinar, we will be taking an in-depth look at the historic record and will shine light on every instance in U.S. financial history when comparable events were unfolding.  Nowhere is the expression of being forearmed and forewarned more relevant than when financial markets move to historic extremes.  Knowing history is indispensable to accomplishing this.

I count it a privilege in conducting these periodic free events.


James Flanagan


What Others Say About James' Work

“If there is continuity through time from an accomplished master to his legion of disciples, then James Flanagan has earned the right to wear W.D. Gann’s crown in our time. Although many have tried, none of the horde of aspirants to the mantle has succeeded in reproducing Gann’s “Master Time Factor” – that accomplishment belongs solely to James Flanagan. Long Live the King!”

~ Phyllis Kahn, Dec., Gann Angles

“I find Past Present Futures quite remarkable.”

~ Chevalier Harry D. Schultz, KHC, KM, KCSS, KCSA, Editor of The International Harry Schultz (World’s highest-paid investment advisor – Guinness Book of Records)

“Past Present Futures newsletter by James Flanagan is excellent and should be considered by any serious trader. The newsletter gives both over-all direction and specific trades to take in the Futures Market.”

~ Larry Jacobs, Editor, Traders World Magazine

(Alan) Greenspan said, “The price patterns remain the same,” but Gann discovered it first and James Flanagan follows it as an exact study. It is real research.”

~ Woody Dorsey, President of Market Semiotics and author of: Behavioral Trading: Methods for Measuring Investor Confidence and Expectations




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In 1978, while majoring in economics at Claremont McKenna College, he acquired his first book written by W.D. Gann, How to Make Profits Trading in Commodities. This set in motion his passion to validate the claims of this early pioneer of market psychology and technical analysis.

The aim of Gann Global Financial's analysis is to help investors and traders make sound trading decisions based on the hard facts of historical analysis, and psychology of the marketplace...NOT emotions such as greed or fear.

James founded Gann Global Financial in 1990 bylaunching the flagship newsletter, Past Present Futures. James continues to set a high bar with the unique historical analysis his team has published for over 20 years





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