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Publication #1

Forensic Forecasts Update ($125 per 6-months): Video reports with PDF of text commentary and slides/charts/tables. Analysis of current high probability intermediate and long- term opportunities. Forecasts and research are presented in such a way to enable you to either follow our recommendations, or integrate the turning point target zones into your own trading method.

  • In developing the latest version of our Research Engine (version 2.0), we have given special attention to how we can best convey important market projections to subscribers in the most straightforward way possible so there’s no confusion about how to act upon the information.
    Graphs, charts, turning points, price and time projections, etc.

  • One of our goals is to provide you with high probability intermediate turning point projections (I define intermediate turning points as the start of important legs up or down which last a minimum of one month).

Publication #2

Position Traders Hotline ($125 per 6 months): Our specific recommendations for futures, options and ETF trades.

  • Our goal is to provide you with specific parameters for entry and stop placement, with enough advance notice to get the best fill price possible. We prefer to issue recommendations prior to the next trading day. However, there are times where we send "time-sensitive" alerts where a trade action could be within 1-2 hours of sending the alert. In these cases, we provide optional SMS Text message alerts to your mobile device.

  • The volume and frequency of specific trade recommendations is dependent on market conditions. We only provide a specific trade recommendation if we determine a low risk, high probability opportunity that meets our criteria is available to us in a market with sufficient liquidity.

  • There are many vehicles that reflect the price action of futures markets. ETFs are a prime example. They allow one to participate in the underlying futures market, without the high leverage of a futures contract. We continue to integrate ETFs into our trade recommendations when appropriate.

Subscriber Resources

When you subscribe, you will be granted immediate access to our subscriber portal where you access your publications, as well as subscriber resources located in the "My Toolbox" section. There you will find our 4-video series titled, "Keys to Understanding our Analysis and Implementing our Recommendations." You will also find our "Reports Library, " "the Essential Course," and our lists of ETFs associated with the various futures markets. Each of these resources will help you get up to speed as a new subscriber.

Email Support

Although you will have access to the "My Toolbox" area of the subscriber portal, there may come a time where you want to ask our research team a question. Our research team reads and responds to all questions. We make a concerted effort to be sure you understand our analysis presented in the publications.



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You will be billed $249 for 6 months of service (non-refundable). At the end of 6 months, you will be billed $249 every 6 months automatically. This is a LOCKED-IN discounted rate. As long as you keep your subscription, your rate will not increase. You may cancel your renewal anytime.

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In 1978, while majoring in economics at Claremont McKenna College, he acquired his first book written by W.D. Gann, How to Make Profits Trading in Commodities. This set in motion his passion to validate the claims of this early pioneer of market psychology and technical analysis.

The aim of Gann Global Financial's analysis is to help investors and traders make sound trading decisions based on the hard facts of historical analysis, and psychology of the marketplace...NOT emotions such as greed or fear.

James founded Gann Global Financial in 1990 by launching the flagship newsletter, Past Present Futures. James continues to set a high bar with the unique historical analysis his team has published for over 25 years




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